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10 Most Creative Resumes

Looking for a job? Having one of these creative resumes won't necessary get you one, but it'll surely get a lot of attention; meet ten of the best resumes we've seen.

Sabrina Saccocio is a TV, radio print and web producer who has put together this creative resume, looking for a unique and interesting work, a Facebook resume. (Link)

Pocket CV by Temitope Shoda. If you have to go to several jobs interviews in one day, this great resume is, besides creative, very easy to carry. (Link)

Michael Anderson's portafolio not only shows he can create great graphics, it also proves he is able to turn 'boring' facts and figures into something exciting. (Link)

Very creative resume from Kristian Leigh Walsh, inspired in Game of Life. Check the video:


One of the best resumes we've seen, made on a T-shirt. Very creative resume but you won't be able to sue for sexual harassment if your future boss starts starring at your boobs. (Link)

Samuel J. Mallett folded…

Europe VS USA

How would it the comparison between the USA and Europe look like? Which has better or prettier bridges, more popular actors, faster cars are just some of the answers to tickle your brain. These things change through time. Take a look at the things compared and if you have some other ideas leave them in the comment section and we may add them to the list.
The Eiffel Tower vs The Statue of Liberty
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The Eiffel Tower is an 1889 iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris that has become both a global icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The tower stands 324 m (1,063 ft) tall.

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The Statue of Liberty officially titled Liberty Enlightening the World dedicated on October 28, 1886, is a monument commemorating the centennial of the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence, given to the United States by the people of France to represent the friendship between the two countries established during the Ame…

16 point plan

1. Don't talk negatively about people behind their backs.
2. If you gossip, people won't confide in you. Mind your own business .
3. Try to work for someone who'll challenge your powers.
4. You'll learn more in a year than 4 years of college.
5. Successful bosses have good communication skills. They learn from people, including their employees .
6. Work in such a way that makes your boss look good. It's not flattery
7. On downsizing, the first to go are those with few friends. Bosses prefer competent people whom they respect.
8. Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Let your dress reflect professionalism.
9. Workout to get in good physical shape. Unless exceptionally skilled, the unhealthy are at a comparative disadvantage.
10. Personal integrity is crucial. Tell nothing but the truth. Bosses can forgive mistakes but if you lie, you're gone
11. Be on time . Try to arrive few minutes early. It saves you from str…