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Defining this war

At a lunch the other day, a senior leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf asked a former general if the army can defeat terrorism and bring peace. It was a sincere question posited in the context of the current controversy over proposed peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban. Yet it betrayed a lack of understanding of the nature of this war, how to fight it and what would define victory.
While I do feel like Beckett’s tramps trapped in a silent universe, let me try and put some basics on the table again.

First, this war is not like an interstate war. While everyone knows that, or thinks he does, most do not understand the implications of that fact. This war has no front and no rear. It is being fought among the people. The enemy is elusive, flexible, ruthless and adept at countering and neutralising the state’s superior force.

Corollary: there are no defined boundaries of this war, and there is no line separating the zones of war and peace. Fighting it is more difficult because force…

Cancer in a Can: The Shocking True Story of how Pringles are Made

by Dr. Mercola — To understand the nature of Pringles and other stackable chips, forget the notion that they come from actual potatoes in any recognizable way. The Pringles Company (in an effort to avoid taxes levied against “luxury foods” like chips in the UK) once even argued that the potato content of their chips was so low that they are technically not even potato chips.

So if they’re not made of potatoes, what are they exactly? The process begins with a slurry of rice, wheat, corn, and potato flakes that are pressed into shape. This dough-like substance is then rolled out into an ultra-thin sheet cut into chip-cookies by a machine.

According to io9: “The chips move forward on a conveyor belt until they’re pressed onto molds, which give them the curve that makes them fit into one another.

Those molds move through boiling oil … Then they’re blown dry, sprayed with powdered flavors, and at last, flipped onto a slower-moving conveyor belt in a way that allows them to stack. From then…

According to scientists, This is the most relaxing tune ever recorded.

This eight minute song is a beautiful combination of arranged harmonies, rhythms and bass lines and thus helps to slow the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of the stress. The song features guitar, piano and electronic samples of natural soundscapes.

A study was conducted on 40 women, who were connected to sensors and had been given challenging puzzles to complete against the clock in order to induce a level of stress. Different songs were then played, to test their heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and brain activity. The results showed that the song Weightless was 11 per cent more relaxing than any other song and even caused drowsiness among women in the lab. It induced a 65 per cent reduction in overall anxiety and brought them to a level 35 per cent lower than their usual resting rates.

According to Lyz Cooper, founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, the song has been created using various scientific theories and make use of musical principles that a…

Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body at death

The timing of astral disembodiment in which the spirit leaves the body has been captured by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov, who photographed a person at the moment of his death with a bioelectrographic camera.

The image taken using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually.

According to Korotkov, navel and head are the parties who first lose their life force (which would be the soul) and the groin and the heart are the last areas where the spirit before surfing the phantasmagoria of the infinite.

In other cases according to Korotkov has noted that "the soul" of people who suffer a violent and unexpected death usually manifests a state of confusion in your power settings and return to the body in the days following death. This could be due to a surplus of unused energy.

The technique developed by Korotkov, who is director of the Research Institute of Physic…

China’s top five billionaires are now worth as much as Bill Gates

Despite an economic slowdown, fears of a real estate bubble and Beijing’s crackdown on lavish spending, China’s richest are getting richer at an amazing pace.

China added 64 new US dollar billionaires last year, to reach 315 overall. The fortunes of the five wealthiest people doubled, according to the Hurun Weath Report, an annual ranking of China’s super-rich released today.

The personal fortune of real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin, who is building Western Europe’s tallest residential tower in London, doubled to $22 billion, taking him to the top spot on the list. Beverage mogul Zong Qinghou and his family, last year’s number one, came in second place with $18.7 billion. Zong, who said this summer that wealth belonged in hands of “those who know how to create more wealth,” owns drinks group Wahaha.

Tencent’s CEO Pony Ma, Great Wall Motor’s Wei Jianjun and 32-year old real estate developer Yang Huiyan rounded out the top five.

While the rising ranks of billionaires and growth in their …

Google Laughs at the New iPhones

Google's management team is dancing around its new KitKat statue today, having dodged what could have been a competitive bullet or two from Apple -- possibly the new iWatch, iTV or even a new laptop. For heaven's sake, they didn't even announce a new iPad!

There was nothing new from Apple today that could stop Google's market share march forward.

Another company that's having a field day today: Nokia . Apple's new iPhone 5C is seemingly a flawless copy of the Nokia 620 that has already been available for several months.

Oh, and the price of that Nokia 620 is approximately half that of the iPhone 5C.

Fingerprint sensor? You mean the same thing I got on my Dell  laptop in 2007? And on the Motorola Atrix Android smartphone in January 2011? If Apple's latest claim to fame is to having copied a Dell 2007 laptop and a January 2011 Motorola smartphone, then Apple is in trouble.

Which is why Google is celebrating today.

Google's Android and Chrome teams were a…

Happy 9/11



Once upon a time a couple celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary. They had become famous in the city for not having a single conflict in their period of 25 years. Local newspaper editors had gathered at the occasion to find out the secret.

Editor: "Sir. It's unbelievable. How did you make this possible?" Husband recalling his old honeymoon days said: "We had our honeymoon after marriage. We selected the horse riding, we both started the ride on different horses. My horse was pretty okay but the horse on which my wife was riding seemed to be a crazy one.

On the way ahead, that horse jumped suddenly, making my wife topple over. Recovering her position from the ground, she patted the horse's back and said "This is your first time". She again climbed the horse and continued with the ride. After a while, it happened again. This time she again kept calm and said "This is your second time" and continued. When the horse dropped her third time, s…

Ghost Horseman Japan Earthquake – Eye-Opening Video


The Existence Of The Human Soul

Have you ever heard of Dr. Duncan “Om” MacDougall? He was born in 1866, Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA and died in 1920. You may know him as the doctor (surgeon) who tried to weigh the human soul. It’s common to believe that the soul is 21 grams: it is the weight we lose when we die. In 1901, Dr. MacDougall picked up six terminally-ill patients (five men and one woman) who were suffering from tuberculosis. Their death was few hours away and he could placed them on a special bed with a scale (sensitive to the gram). The surgeon measured their bodies before and after the patients’ death. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ results weren't the same but the average weight each one lost was 21 grams. There were three large problems with his scientific experiment, if you think about it. First of all, the sample size was not large enough. Second, not all of them lost the same weight. And the third problem is that even nowadays we can't be sure about the exact time of death. We determine the hear…

Video From Egypt


Proudy Red Rose

One beautiful spring day a red rose blossomed in a forest. Many kinds of trees and plants grew there. As the rose looked around, a pine tree nearby said, "What a beautiful flower. I wish I was that lovely."
Another tree said, "Dear pine, do not be sad, we can not have everything." The rose turned its head and remarked, "It seems that I am the most beautiful plant in this forest." A sunflower raised its yellow head and asked, "Why do you say that? In this forest there are many beautiful plants. You are just one of them." The red rose replied, "I see everyone looking at me and admiring me." Then the rose looked at a cactus and said, "Look at that ugly plant full of thorns!" The pine tree said, "Red rose, what kind of talk is this? Who can say what beauty is? You have thorns too." The proud red rose looked angrily at the pine and said, "I thought you had good taste! You do not know what beauty is at all. You can …