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Guess the relation in these pictures?

Not news: Taiwanese mother, 41, took selfies with her son. News: She looks like a 20 years old girl

41 years-old mom has posted selfie photos of her and her son on Taiwanese social network. The photos went viral fast because of her young looking. They both look like brother and sister. More proof that Asian dont age ;)

Eating ice-cream with her 14 years-old son

Forget What You Saw On Vampire Diaries. Here Are 10 Facts About Real Vampires

In popular media, vampires are portrayed more like humans with every passing movie and television show, but that's not how they were initially intended to be perceived. These facts will show you how these creepy creatures were depicted in their original folklore.
Post-mortem feeding
During the time of the Black Death in Europe, it wasn't uncommon for people to be buried with rocks in their mouths. This was to prevent them from feeding on other bodies, if they were to rise from the dead.
Aversion to sunlight
An allergy to sunlight is no where to be found in folklore.
Magical Powers
No traditional piece of folklore features vampires with powers.

Becoming a vampire
Modern tales state that a bite from a vampire could cause you to become one. Folklore states that illegitimate children, former werewolves and those with red hair are at risk for becoming vampires.
There's an antidote to a vampire bite.
Legends state that you can avoid becoming a vampire post-bite, if you drink th…

15 Incredibly Extravagant Things That Make Dubai Special

Dubai has always been associated with luxury, extravagance, grandeur and money, but have you ever really been witness to why it's associated with those things? Well, you're in for a treat! These images will show you exactly why Dubai is spoken about in a fairy-tale-like manner and it will make you want to visit as soon as humanly possible! Not only is Dubai a hidden gem (North American tourists seem to visit mostly the Caribbean etc), but it's worthwhile for a visit. Trust me. Check it out, here is the wonderful Dubai, ladies and gentlemen:

1. Dubai has the world's largest flower garden.

2. Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building.

3. Dubai has man-made Palm Island and The World Island:

This is a close up on one of the islands on The World.

5. Burj Al-Arab is the only 7-star hotel in the world.

6. Dubai has an indoor ski resort that celebrities visit often.

7. They have extravagant Starbucks locations.

8. These are their police cars.

9. This ATM dispenses out …

One in Three People in Monaco Is a Millionaire

The Principality of Monaco has the highest density of millionaires in the world, with about one in three people in the city state being a millionaire, according to a research report.

A study carried out by Spear's magazine and wealth consultancy company WealthInsight found that almost a third of the tiny state's 37,000 population hold net assets of $1m (£588,000, €743,000) or more, excluding their primary residences. The millionaire density of the republic is calculated as 29.21%.

The state, with an area of 2.02 square kilometres, is well-known as a tax haven, with no income tax and low corporate taxes.

"It's unsurprising to see that Monaco is the most likely place where you will bump into a millionaire; the principalities' low tax and Mediterranean waterfront make it the ideal habitat for wealthy individuals," said Oliver Williams, an analyst for WealthInsight.

Zurich has the second-highest millionaire density, with 27.34% of the population being millionair…

Butterflies in your stomach are caused by a lack of blood!

You know that sensation you get in your stomach when the person you are completely in love with looks in your general direction or when there’s only one more muffin left and you’re afraid the person in front of you in line is going to ask for it (other than hunger) or when your being hunted by a lion in the African savanna? Those “butterflies in your stomach” are a response to stress.

When people are stressed, they experience a “fight-or-flight” response. Brain signals are transmitted to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which are parts of the brain responsible for controlling bodily functions. The pituitary gland instantly signals the adrenal glands which sit on top of each kidney. Those glands release adrenaline and other chemicals into your blood stream.

The adrenaline causes rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and improved circulation of muscle so that you deal with or flee from the source of the stress (whether it be your beloved, the person in front of you in line, …

This will change how you travel forever. I can't believe I never knew this

There are 6 very good reasons to travel by cargo ship instead of a cruise ship and one of them is that you get to go where cruise ships don't!
Cargo ships can also act as passenger ships and can be a new travel experience if you are looking for one.

Don't be fooled into thinking it is a cheaper alternative to a cruise ship, though. The two cost about the same!

So why even consider travelling by Cargo ship? There are actually quite a few very good reasons.

Cargo ships travel to parts of the world that are not serviced by cruise ships, so you will see places you would not otherwise be able to experience on a cruise.

Cargo ships usually only accommodate 12 or less passengers which means there will be no overcrowding. It is therefore ideal for travelers who want a quieter atmosphere.

If you are conscious of the environment then you will appreciate to know that it is one of the greenest forms of travelling because you make up a very small part of the cargo that has to be transport…

Cover up or face fines in Majorca

The Balearic Island chain has long been a popular destination for European holidaymakers.

But now tourists heading to the island of Majorca are being warned to cover up before leaving the beach or face being fined.

Greg MacKenzie reports from the capital Palma on its plan for good citizens.

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Kerry backtracks on Israel ‘apartheid’ remark, wishes he ‘chose a different word’

Kerry backtracks on Israel ‘apartheid’ remark, wishes he ‘chose a different word’ from Khurram Nazir on Vimeo.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has backtracked on suggestions that Israel could become an “apartheid state,” saying that he wishes he had formulated his sentences differently. It follows a wave of criticism sparked by a leaked recording of his words.

“I do not believe, nor have I ever stated, publicly or privately, that Israel is an apartheid state or that it intends to become one,” Kerry said in a statement published on the US Department of State's website on Tuesday.

“I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan, political purposes, so I want to be crystal clear about what I believe and what I don’t believe,” he affirmed.

 Kerry’s original controversy-inducing comment was delivered last Friday during a closed-door conference of the influential Trilateral Commission, and echoed like thunder across the political spectrum…

Would you ever get on a Malaysia Airlines plane again?

Following the destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight 17, which is believed to have been blown out of the sky over eastern Ukraine, shares in the airline’s stock closed down 11% at the end of Friday. The airline has now said that it will offer anyone with a ticket to fly this year a refund—regardless of when it was purchased—if they call before July 24. A kind gesture for their customers, but perhaps not so good for the bottom line. Over the past five years, the airline has lost 92% of its value.

This is the second tragedy to befall the airline in the same year. In March, flight 370 went missing—and has yet to be found, with the biggest toll on the families of the victims. One family from the tiny town of Biloela, Australia, the Burrows, lost close relatives on both flights.

After a year like this, can Malaysia’s state carrier carry on? “I can’t comprehend of anything they can do to save themselves,” aviation analyst Mohshin Aziz told Dow Jones Newswires. “In the history of aviation …

Footage: Missile Downed Malaysia Airlines Plane


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Everyone wants to start living healthy, and for easy ways to do it. Here are seven fitness hacks to start leading a healthier life:

Use avocado instead of butter on your toast. Avocado is a great substitution for butter. It has a huge amount of the healthy fats our bodies need to function at their best, plus more potassium than you can get from eating a banana.

Unplug and go offline. It doesn’t matter if you do this once a day for a specific number of hours or if you have whole days dedicated to living off the grid: you will reduce your stress levels by shutting off your phone and getting off of the internet every once in a while. You can devote all the extra time you’ll have away from the screen to healthier things like exercise. Or you can use that time to…

Meditate every day. Even if it is just for five minutes, you will become a more centered, less stressed person if you spend time clearing your mind of nagging, depressing thoughts. On a physical level, when you are stressed your bod…

The Beauty of Pakistan — Part 1