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Ferrari Rocher: Undefeated kickboxing world champion covers £200,000 supercar with garish layer of gold vinyl

The Ferrari 458 Spider belongs to kickboxer Riyadh Al-Azzawi It reportedly cost £4,000 to cover the car with gold vinyl It was snapped while the fighter was training at a nearby gym Supercars are always something of a status symbol and Ferraris come pretty high up even that lofty hierarchy.
However, for kickboxing world champion Riyadh Al-Azzawi just buying one of the flashest cars on the market isn't enough.
The Iraqi fighter went even further, wrapping his £200,000 458 Spider with gold vinyl - for the comparably reasonable price tag of £4,000.The £200,000 supercar belongs to kickboxing world champion Riyadh Al-Azzawi The car, capable of a top speed of 199mph, was snapped while the fighter was training in a nearby gym Riyadh Al-Azzawi is undefeated in all 47 of his career bouts and has retained his world champion title since winning it in 2008These snaps were taken when Mr Al-Azzawi parked the Italian supercar outside a gym in Kensington, London, where he was training and …

Missing Malaysian plane was ‘Obliterated’

Crash: Malaysia B772 over Gulf of Thailand on Mar 8th 2014, aircraft missing, high degree of certainty: deliberate action
An Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, registration 9M-MRO performing flight MH-370 from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China) with 227 passengers and 12 crew, was enroute at FL350 about 40 minutes into the flight about 90nm northeast of Kota Bharu (Malaysia) over the Gulf of Thailand in contact with Subang Center (Malaysia) just about to be handed off to Ho Chi Minh Air Traffic Control Center (Vietnam) when radar and radio contact was lost at about 01:22L (17:22Z Mar 7th). Subang Air Traffic Control Center officially told the airline at around 02:40L (18:40Z Mar 7th) that the aircraft was missing. Malaysia’s Prime Minister stated on Mar 15th that based on new satellite data there is evidence that the data communication systems and transponder had been turned off by deliberate action by someone on board and the aircraft deviated off course, the last confirmed c…

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You never know why it's good to miss a flight.


10 most haunted places around the world

Here are 10 of the most haunted places around the world to help you get your spook on.

1) The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia
(John T Collins/National Library of Australia/Wikimedia Commons)
Abandoned asylums, for my money, are the creepiest places ever, and Australia has a good one. The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum — originally called Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum — is located in Victoria, Australia. It served as a mental hospital from 1867 until 1995. At its highest capacity, 1,200 patients lived there. About 9,000 patients died in its 130-year history, and there’s little doubt those souls are haunting it this very day. Visitors can take a night time ghost tour, to which I say, no thank you.

2) The Princess Theatre, Australia
(Wikimedia Commons)
Elsewhere in Australia, you’ll find the Princess Theatre, which is haunted by a ghost named Frederici. According to lore, Frederick Baker, or “Frederici,” was an Italian baritone singer who died on stage in 1888. He was finishing a perf…

Top 12 Most Beautiful People Of The World

There have been rankings by many magazines, television shows and websites to rate the most beautiful people every year and make a list of them. Every famous person or celebrity has a different character, facial features and charm that makes them beautiful in a unique way. In my opinion following are the top 12 most beautiful people in the world.

12. Jon Hamm John Hamm is the favorite womanizer with his athletic build and perfect facial features. This beautiful person is loved by many women across the globe.

11. Mena Suvari Beautiful Lady MenaSuvari, Mena Suvari got famous after her role in the movie American Beauty. She has the soft features and the looks of a girl-next-door. Although seen less on screen now, she is still one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. >> 10 Most Attractive Female Celebrities in USA.

10. Megan Fox Megan fox sexy lips
Megan Fox is a girl who needs no introduction. She has the most desirable body and the perfect facial features that can drive any g…