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If Carpenters Were Hired Like Programmers

The following joke was posted to an internal Magenic list. I don't know who actually wrote it, and I'll give credit if someone points out the creator of the joke. It perfectly illustrates what I think developers (especially consultants) have to go through all the time when they're interviewing for the next gig.

Interviewer: So, you're a carpenter, are you?
Carpenter: That's right, that's what I do.

Interviewer: How long have you been doing it?
Carpenter: Ten years.

Interviewer: Great, that's good. Now, I have a few technical questions to ask you to see if you're a fit for our team. OK?
Carpenter: Sure, that'd be fine.

Interviewer: First of all, we're working in a subdivision building a lot of brown houses. Have you built a lot of brown houses before?
Carpenter: Well, I'm a carpenter, so I build houses, and people pretty much paint them the way they want.

Interviewer: Yes, I understand that, but can you give me an idea of how much experienc…

9 of the Most Attractive Politicians in the World

Politics isn't always pretty, but there are at least a few politicians around the world trying to change that. Don't expect the actual debates or fighting to get any better, but at least it can sometimes be a little easier on the eyes.
Here are 9 of the most attractive politicians from around the world.
Mara Carfagna (Italy)
Enrique Nieto (Mexico)  Hina Rabbani Khar (Pakistan)
 Hans Linde (Sweden)  Orly Levy (Israel)  Mitt Romney (USA)  Alina Kabaeva (Russia)  Imran Khan (Pakistan)  Sarah Palin (USA)