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Butterflies in your stomach are caused by a lack of blood!

You know that sensation you get in your stomach when the person you are completely in love with looks in your general direction or when there’s only one more muffin left and you’re afraid the person in front of you in line is going to ask for it (other than hunger) or when your being hunted by a lion in the African savanna? Those “butterflies in your stomach” are a response to stress.

When people are stressed, they experience a “fight-or-flight” response. Brain signals are transmitted to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which are parts of the brain responsible for controlling bodily functions. The pituitary gland instantly signals the adrenal glands which sit on top of each kidney. Those glands release adrenaline and other chemicals into your blood stream.

The adrenaline causes rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and improved circulation of muscle so that you deal with or flee from the source of the stress (whether it be your beloved, the person in front of you in line, …

This will change how you travel forever. I can't believe I never knew this

There are 6 very good reasons to travel by cargo ship instead of a cruise ship and one of them is that you get to go where cruise ships don't!
Cargo ships can also act as passenger ships and can be a new travel experience if you are looking for one.

Don't be fooled into thinking it is a cheaper alternative to a cruise ship, though. The two cost about the same!

So why even consider travelling by Cargo ship? There are actually quite a few very good reasons.

Cargo ships travel to parts of the world that are not serviced by cruise ships, so you will see places you would not otherwise be able to experience on a cruise.

Cargo ships usually only accommodate 12 or less passengers which means there will be no overcrowding. It is therefore ideal for travelers who want a quieter atmosphere.

If you are conscious of the environment then you will appreciate to know that it is one of the greenest forms of travelling because you make up a very small part of the cargo that has to be transport…

Cover up or face fines in Majorca

The Balearic Island chain has long been a popular destination for European holidaymakers.

But now tourists heading to the island of Majorca are being warned to cover up before leaving the beach or face being fined.

Greg MacKenzie reports from the capital Palma on its plan for good citizens.

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