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17 Creepy Photos You Won't Believe Were Caught On Film

There are creepy photos, and then there are the photos that send a chill down your spine. Some are of ghostly apparitions, some are of tragic events, and others are just downright bizarre.

These photos are believed not to have been tampered with, and some have even been examined by experts who say that the photos are, in fact, legitimate. Regardless of whether they're actually real or not, they're definitely creepy. Decide for yourself.

1. This photo of a recently deceased woman. 
These are always hella creepy, but they used to be the norm.

2. The bedroom of a murder victim in the Bronx. Taken in 1939. We find it creepy mostly because of the doll, but what's most eerie about it is that it's still set up like someone is coming home.

3. This body falling from the ceiling as the picture snapped.  There's debate as to whether or not this is real. Some believe that it's due to reusing film (a common practice in this era) and having two photos overlap, but others be…