Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To These Designs…

Bad design is one thing… but these epically HORRIBLE design fails really take “bad” to a whole new level.

1. That’s not how graph ratios…. or just math in general… work.

2. E-U-R-R-O-P-E??? Hahahaha

3. There’s no way this was an accident.

 4. “I didn’t choose the poo life, the poo life chose me.” -Tupac Shakur

 5. What a tragic way to display the beautiful mug of Matt Damon.

 6. OK…It’s clear!!! This pencil is on DRUGS!!!

Is this cap for aliens? Or i had my eyes placed wrong?

 You’ve NEVER seen Mexico like this before!!!

I mean, what is the deal with all these graphs…

 Being a part of the problem… not part of the solution.

  Nothing was ever successfully erased with this pencil.

Can somebody explain, what on Earth is it???

 Nothing says “health and safety” like the image of a family hanging…


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